Roof Repairs

When you need roof repairs, there’s never time to waste. Roof damage from Central Florida’s notorious storms is a frequent occurrence.

Is Your Roof Storm Proof?

Each Step Ensures Quality & Value

Storm Proof Roofing never guesstimates. We’ll get you the most for your money by carefully measuring every part of your roof, we factor in all parts needed in the repair or replacement of your roof system, including vents, flashing, structural repairs, and accessories. You’ll get a detailed proposal… We take time for you to understand every aspect of the work needed.

How to Detect Roof Damage 🔍

Before you take matters into your own hands by climbing atop your roof to find out if you have roof damage – a hazardous task you should leave for a professional roofing contractor in the first place – consider these common signs of roof problems:

👀 Look for these signs

Conditions apparent from ground level:

Conditions appearing inside your home: