In Ocala, Florida Roofing Companies Need Exceptional Skills

In Ocala, Florida Roofing Companies Need Exceptional Skills

Thoroughbred horses aren’t the only thing Ocala, Florida is known for – the climate conditions here in central and northern Florida are also well known for bringing severe weather from time to time throughout the year.

The Sunshine State isn’t always warm and sunny. In parts of the state, chilly weather and even hail can present challenges for Ocala homeowners and businesses.  Strong winds and rain, the occasional tornado, or effects from Florida’s annual hurricane season can spell trouble for buildings and their roofing systems.  That’s why roofing companies in Ocala, Florida need to be exceptionally qualified to perform roof repairs and replacements.  In addition to knowing how to install and repair roofs, roofing contractors in Ocala also need to know the ropes when it comes to the process of recovering costs for acts of nature which are covered by Florida homeowners’ and business owners’ insurance. While the property owner must file for an insurance claim, the process can be detailed and confusing. That’s when a good roofing contractor can make the task much easier by properly documenting damage caused by covered events, such as wind storms, and by applying experience and insight gained from helping property owners attend to each step in the claims process.

Filing an insurance claim is no time for guesstimates. A professional roofing contractor in Ocala must address every aspect of the damage incurred and the reasons why it happened. Only in this way will home and commercial property owners obtain the right amount of reimbursement for their roof restoration needs. Roof parts consist of far more than shingles and gutters.  There are also vents, flashing, underlayment and rooftop fixtures, like HVAC equipment and solar panels which may need to be inspected, repaired, or replaced.

Among Ocala, Florida roofing contractors, none measures up to the skills possessed by Storm Proof Roofing.  Roofing repairs are just one specialty of this highly experienced contractor. From the roof deck to the finished product that makes up the roof covering – shingles, tiles, metal roofing, slate, shake, etc. – a contractor has to get everything right, the first time.

The best roofing companies in Ocala are on the job year-round. Here, summers can be scorching hot – another condition that can take a toll on roofs.  The sun’s UV rays are notorious for hastening roof condition problems, such as drying and cracking of asphalt shingles. But whether it’s summer, fall, spring, or winter, weather issues including hail can pose problems for property owners. For example, last year in Ocala, Mims, and Archer, Florida a summer storm in the month of June passed through the area traveling northeast at 26 mph. The event produced hail that pelted homes and businesses over a 2-hour period. Spotter reports estimated maximum hailstones of 1″ in diameter, damaging over 12,000 buildings!

Roofing companies in Ocala know full well that temperatures in central Florida can vary from below freezing to above 95° Fahrenheit. But, it’s the rain and humidity that can wreak even more havoc on the roofs of homes and buildings.  As the saying goes, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and the slightest breach in a roof system can bring about moisture intrusion that may lead to costly damage to every aspect of a roof, from the roof frame and decking to the outer layers of the roof system. Moisture that penetrates the interior parts of a building can quickly cause staining of ceilings and walls. Roof leakage can ruin carpets, flooring, and furnishings. The average rainfall amount across the United States is 38 inches per year. Ocala, Florida gets 52 inches of rain on average, per year. That’s a lot of precipitation. Roofs must be watertight and storm proof – that’s what Storm Proof Roofing built its name and reputation on, making homes and businesses impervious to Ocala’s subtropical, often unpredictable and wet weather!