Benefits of Metal Roofing Ocala FL

Benefits of Metal Roofing Ocala

In the market for a roof replacement? Then learning about the qualities of metal roofing Ocala will make any Florida home or business have the best benefits from a roof. Metal is a roof material that has really grown in popularity in recent years and comes with many benefits that allow for your roof to stand out and effectively keep your home safe. There are many different roofing materials widely available for homeowners. If you want to see how a metal roof compares to a shingle roof, read our blog about Metal Vs. Shingle. This article will take a deeper dive into the metal roofing system and its functions.

Metal and tile roofing installation by Storm Proof Roofing Systems.

Metal Durability Strengths

Metal is of the most durable materials and the most lightweight material, which is a combination that is difficult to find in any other roof material. Durability allows for strength against the elements like hurricanes, heavy rain, and the hot summers with the sun beating down. Speaking of the sun, metal roofing is also fire resistant. 

Durability ultimately comes down to how long will my roof be able to last in the area we live in, and how it will protect the rest of my home. Metal roofs are of the longest lasting roofs, with life spans longer than 30 years, so this roof material may not be a major problem for generations of people living in the home.

The negatives that come from the lightweight and durability of metal is that it is also louder than other materials, and creates louder sounds when it is impacted by heavy rain. This is a problem you won’t experience because it is not noticeably loud, not inside the house or outside.

Metal Energy

Metal is energy efficient because of how it reflects light and UV rays. The benefit of this is by metal reflecting UV rays, it stops it from absorbing into your home, making your home use less energy intake on UV rays. The end result is that metal will save home owners money on energy bills.

Metal is made with recyclable materials, therefore making it safe for the environment. It’s lightweight benefit makes it easier to travel, increasing efficiency on using it as a recyclable material. To take a deeper dive on how Metal roofing Ocala is better for the environment then read our blog about how Metal Roofing Helps Go Green.

Negatives of Metal Roofing

All these benefits do come at a cost, being the actual value of metal roofing materials is more expensive. On average metal roofing materials cost twice as much as shingles would, making it increasingly difficult for some people to consider. Metal roofing is also more complex to install, but having a good Metal roofing Ocala contractor to do the job negates that.

Storm Proof Does Metal Roofing Ocala

The right roofer for the right job. Storm Proof Roofing are the experts in Ocala, FL in installing and insulating metal roofs. All these benefits come with the creativity to make the metal roof fit the aesthetic of your home, as it comes in many different colors and styles. If you’re looking to upgrade to metal, then choose the roof contractors that have the mettle to handle the work you need. Book with Storm Proof Today.