Repair or Replace your Roof Ocala

Roof Replacement or Roof Repair for Your Roof Ocala

It is a very important question to ask yourself when contemplating your roofing project. Is your roof too damaged to repair or is it not in enough trouble to replace it. A proper roofing expert can recommend which option is best for you, but the way they determine it should be available to you to understand. There are several factors to determine which option is best for your roof Ocala and your home. These factors shape the decision made and go deeper than that actual state of damage. The value of each has a large gap so making the right decision is very important.

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The Signs

The several things to consider when making the decision between roof repair and roof replacement. Age of your roof, if it’s leaking, current level of damage, and the actual costs of either repair or replacement. These factors all differ from each other for different reasons.

Roof Age

A roof on average can last about 15-20 years, and can last even longer when a roof is routinely maintenanced and the roofing material used for that roof. An important piece of information every homeowner should know is the age of their roof, so when you make a purchase of a home make sure you know the age of the roof. If a roof is younger, then it most likely will only need repair, and if it’s older, then a replacement is an improved option. 

Roof Leaks

A leaky roof is the most common reason a homeowner starts to question the structure of their roof and if it has been damaged. The goal of the roof is to protect the inhabitants of the home, even from rainfall with leaks. Leaks can not simply be plugged up because an inspection has to take place to determine the extent of the damage. If water damage is seen in multiple parts of the ceiling or down the walls throughout the home, it may be bigger than a replacement. If it’s only a small portion, make sure you get repairs handled immediately before it grows into a bigger problem.

Roof Damage

If your roof has signs of damage that can be visible from the exterior of the home, then it is something to look into. Damage to your roof can be shingles that have gone missing, cracked shingles, rusted metal, or dents and exposed areas of the roof. Having a thorough inspection to determine the extent of damage is the best practice to determine the level of damage, because some damages can not be seen to the naked eye.

Roof Costs

The biggest factor of every homeowner is “how much money am I willing to spend to fix my roof problem?” It is a safe assumption to make that a roof replacement is much more expensive than a roof repair, and that is true on average. Despite this, if there are multiple signs of damage across the roof, you may have to pay for more repairs, and that can drive the cost over a replacement. The materials used also pay a factor if an expensive material is damaged it may be easier to use a new material. The positives of a roof replacement means you won’t need to constantly check for damages from a previous situation, saving you money overtime.

Roof Ocala with Storm Proof

Whether you go for a repair or a replacement, you have to go with the best roofers that roof Ocala, FL. Storm Proof Roofing is the ideal roofer for handling your home project, and learning the facts about the damages are the factors that help you make the best decisions. Book an inspection with us today for your residential or commercial properties.